New website


Firstly, apologies to anybody who has tried to look at my website over the last few days (14th 15th 16th Jan 2014) and not been able to, its been very frustrating. The web hosting company had a server fail and lost loads of data,  as I write they are still trying to recover websites manually, which could take weeks. Based on that I have starting rebuilding the website today.

The majority of the content will be back over the next few hours, however, I did have about 60 blog posts from various venues, and that will take a little longer, so if you are wondering why there is not many blog posts then thats it!

I have backups of all the images so they will be back, and also every cloud has a silver lining, as this new website is now optimized to work on tablets and smart phones 🙂

Also, whilst I do work on getting my blog rebuilt , there are lots of photos, reviews etc on my social media pages (links below)