Ten questions to ask your potential wedding photographer.

Sometimes its difficult to know what questions to ask a potential service provider when you are making your initial enquiries. Here are a few questions that you should ask your wedding photographer, I have added my answers at the bottom.

Q) Are you good at organising people for the groups?

A) I really think its important to photograph the groups efficiently and in the minimum time possible, I think 20 mins is usually enough to get the main groups done.

Q) Can I view an album with a complete wedding?

A) Yes, I usually bring a few to meet ups.

Q) Have you photographed a wedding at my venue?

A) Probably, I have been to most in this area, so unless you are getting married out of the area I expect I have been there.

Q) Could we have an engagement shoot if we wanted one?

A) Sure , drop me an email and we can set it up, usually week day/evenings during the Summer & Autumn are best.

Q) How many photographs do you take?

A) It does depend on the weather, but a good guide line is to expect to have 700-900 on your DVD (all copyright free!) but sometimes there are even more.

Q) How long have you been a wedding photographer?

A) I photographed the first one in 1998, I worked as a wedding photographer for Kodak for a while as well.

Q) When do we get the photographs and album?

A) Photos two weeks after the wedding, albums takes two weeks for the lab to print.

Q) What style of wedding photography do you shoot?

A) A mixture of modern posed images as well as natural shots of the wedding as it happens and guests having a good time.

Q) Are you good with people?

A) I think you have to be when taking peoples photographs, after 20 years I hope so!

Q) Are you fully insured and do you have back up equipment.

A) yes, personal indemnity & public liability, I take a 3 cameras to all wedding, two to use, and one to cover any problems.